We are a 501c3 nonprofit
We have a foundation of people with experience in the dog rescue world. 

We are a bridge to help dogs and cats that are on death row because of overcrowding get to loving forever homes. 

We Are Different Than a Shelter
  • We feel that black dogs, bullie breeds, old dogs and handicapped dogs, and cats deserve to be loved, not killed.
  • Our animals live in houses, not in cages with cement floors.
  • They are exposed to a home environment so they can make an easier transition to their forever homes.
  • They are socialized with people and other pets.
  • They get medical treatment including getting fixed, dewormed, microchipped, heartworm tested, and vaccinated.
  • All our staff are volunteers.
  • We do not clock in at 8 and out at 5. The pets are around people 24/7

Adopt a friend and save a life!